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This site is for you if...

  1. You want to learn how to build a simple yet highly profitable business selling online courses...
  2. And, you're fed up with all the complicated, "me-too" launch systems that bombard your inbox.

If that’s you, welcome.

My name’s Pete. I was trained in the art of copywriting and launching online courses at the legendary Agora Inc – a $600m-a-year company people often call the “Harvard of email marketing”.

Where I learned the ropes: Agora Inc -- the "Harvard of email marketing"

I tell you this straight up because a lot of my ideas differ from what many so-called “experts” will tell you about launching an online business.

So I just want you to know that – even though what you’ll learn from me might seem controversial at times – you can feel safe that I only share tested ideas you can trust.

Because you see, since leaving Agora, one of the things I’ve been doing is helping solopreneurs launch online courses of their own. And so far, they’ve been doing quite well.

In fact, my students are launching courses that are allowing them to quit their day-jobs… to share their know-how with the world… and to secure the kind of freedom that most people only dream about.

Want to know the strange part?​

I attribute most of this success to something I call The Code of MAXIMUM SIMPLE.


What's that then Pete?

In a nutshell, it’s a way of approaching life where you aim to strip back any process to its most simple form. Basically, everything that is non-essential is taken away. Leaving you with the few actions that produce the biggest results.

If you follow the MAXIMUM SIMPLE approach when it comes launching your online course, you will…

  • Slice through "information overload"... you'll know the few essential actions that will help you launch a profitable online course in just weeks... even if you're just starting out...
  • Do far less work overall... 
  • Make more money from a smaller list... the truth is you don't need a massive list to make a great living online -- IF you focus on building the right kind of relationship...​

However, all this isn’t to say to you’ll be able to launch a highly profitable online course without hard work.

In fact, to get it off the ground, you will face a period of intense hard work. No successful business was built with anything less. So I stress the part about doing less work overall

Now, if you're thinking...

That sounds great Pete, I want to learn more!

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And, just to say thanks for coming aboard, I'll even send you a free report that reveals the only 3 tech tools you need to launch a profitable online course fast.

To sign up to my email list -- and get your free report -- simply click the button below that says "Teach Me to Launch Real Simple Like, Pete"​. And enter your best email in the form that pops up.

I do have to sound a little warning before you sign up though: on my email list I talk a lot about how to "sell" your online course.

So if you're one of those people who has a fundamental feeling that all selling is “icky” – my email list isn't the place for you.

However, if you're of the opinion that selling is a healthy part of any business, you'll fit right in. Just click the button above to join the list now.

A bit more about Pete OC...

Professional stuff:

  • I'm Agora-trained ($600m-a-year marketer)​
  • I've helped launch courses that have made more than $500,000 in a week 
  • I've written copy for clients like International Living, Agora, MOBE, King Kong, and many more...
  • I've launched first-time courses that have made as much as $40.36 per name on my email list... and helped my students launch first-time online courses that have made as much as $20+ per name... 

Random stuff:

  • ​I live in Melbourne, Australia 
  • I have a big-ass family 
  • I follow Liverpool Football Club and I like nature
  • I lived in Finland for six months during winter... (and yes, it was like being "North of the Wall")
  • I'm super lazy. I go long stretches without doing any work. Only to go into "kamikaze work-mode" when a deadline approaches.
  • And finally, I'm a recovering perfectionist...

Pete OC
The Simple Online Course MANG

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What people are saying
ut Pete OC:

By industry standards my email list is tiny. But with Pete's help my online business had it's first month of $10k+ revenue... beating my old best month by more than double. And I didn't use video, fancy tech... or anything like that. Just simple old email. I can't recommend Pete highly enough."

Danavir Sarria 
The "CopyMonk"

When it comes to helping you grab the attention of your audience, Pete is a true expert. In particular, his campaigns to small lists make crazy profits. He really knows how to make genuine connections and build profitable relationships based on them."

Nathan Collier
Collier Marketing

In a world full of internet marketing hype and gurus, it's incredibly rare to find a craftsman of copy and email marketing like Pete OC. His copy on many occasions has outsold the control by 400% or more."

Sabri Suby
CEO, King Kong

My man Pete OC has become known as "The List Whisperer". He coaxes massive profits from even the smallest of lists. And the numbers don't lie. If you have a list... no matter how small... Pete OC will help you find profits you didn't know were there. Get at him... stat."

Scott Mills
Expert Copywriter

Pete is an outstanding copywriter and teacher. No matter your experience level, he can help you optimize your copy so your customers crave your product..."

Benji Hyam 


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