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This site is for you if…

  1. You want to learn how to build a highly profitable email list...
  2. And, you want to do it quickly, using the least amount of effort possible.

If that’s you, welcome.

My name’s Pete.

The first thing you need to know about me is that I'm lazy…

There’s a big chance I watch more Netflix than anybody you know… I’ve also never washed a pot or pan – they all go in the dishwasher.

Thing is, I seem to have most people fooled… they assume I work hard all the time.

I don't.

But I do have a trick that lets me get heaps more done in the time I do spend working.

Check this out…

Hilarious right?

The guy who created this is a genius as far as I'm concerned...

While the rest of the guys in his neighbourhood are pulling around a heavy-ass mower in the heat… this guy is sitting on his porch drinking ice-cold beer.

Sure, his method may have taken more effort upfront… but because he planned well from the outset he has to do WAY less work in the future.

This is an example of what I like to call being ‘clever lazy’.

Bascially, whenever you want to get something done… before jumping right into it… you take a step back and work out how to achieve your goal using the least amount of effort possible.

As I said, this process means you might have to work a little harder at the outset, but overall it means you do way less work (and can watch way more Netflix).

Why learning copy needs to be your number one goal if you want to make good money online

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

If you want to be ‘clever lazy’ about building a profitable blog and email list, learning to write great copy is the way to do it.

You get really good at almost everything that helps you grow your business, fast...

  • ​You can pick a profitable niche with ease
  • You can write blog posts that turn you into a celebrity in your target market
  • You can write high-converting opt-in forms, ads and landers that help you build your subscriber list way faster
  • And most importantly: you make way more money because you can whip up emails and salesletters your subscribers love to buy from

If you’re not learning copy… and you’re trying to build a profitable online business… you’re basically wasting your time.

Thing is, most people don't try to get good at copywriting.

They do everything but… and it’s usually the reason they never make a dime.

Can you blame them?

Probably not… they’re following the advice of the 'internet marketing overlords' who will have you believe just anyone can start a profitable online business with a wave of their hand.

Here's the truth...

Unless you know how to write at least half-decent copy, you've got an icicles chance in hell of making enough money to live on, especially off a really small list.

I can teach you the quickest way to get heaps more sales online... even if you're a total n00b with a tiny list...

Here’s the good news:

You don’t have to become a copywriting master to begin making money with this skill... you just have to be 'good enough'.

And that can happen a lot quicker than you might think.

Especially when you have me in your corner.

I’ve already applied the ‘clever lazy’ principle to the whole process of learning copy.

Meaning: I can show you how to get stand-out good at copywriting using the least amount of effort possible…

But to anyone thinking...

So you're saying I can lounge about, do practically no work... and start making a whole bundle of cash?

Nope, I'm definitely not saying that.

To start out, you will have to work HARD.

Remember: being 'clever lazy' often means doing MORE work at the start, so you can coast later on.​

Here's the thing though:

Even with the hard work upfront... if you're looking for the fastest way to build a skill-set that all but guarantees you can live off internet income -- this is it.

And, once you reach a certain level of copywriting expertise -- things get A LOT easier.

At that point, you'll be able to make great money... and still have enough time to play GTA V for 5 hours straight everyday if you want to…

Sound good?

Then you'll want to get in on my email list -- that's where I hand out all my best advice.

In fact, I'll start off by giving you a FREE report that'll show you how to melt writer's block like an ice-cube in an oven.

It's called '5 Things I Keep on My Desk to Help Produce My Best Writing on Demand'. In it, you'll learn 5 about tools you can use to help you become a more productive writer right away.

To get the FREE report, and to join my email list simply click the button below:

A bit more info on Pete OC...

I'm a professional email marketer and direct response copywriter trained in the art of persuasive writing at the 'Harvard of direct marketing', Agora Inc.

Agora Inc. are a $600-million-a-year email marketing empire with affiliates in 18 countries around the globe.

A normal day for me consists of sending an email out to a list of around 40,000 people. This email can result in anywhere from $500 to $20,000 in sales.

Pete OC
The Clever Lazy Copy Coach

I also work on the construction of bigger 'launch' campaigns. These can rake in more than half a million dollars in just a few days.

And,  I write freelance copy for clients like accounting firms, property investment gurus... and even a $2 billion dollar construction company in Australia.

What does this mean for you?

It means that all my ideas and techniques are tested. They get real results on real traffic. So when I say I can help you build a wildly profitable online business, I really mean I can.

Click below if you want to get my FREE report (and join my clever lazy email list)...


FREE Software Tool Teaches You How to Write More Powerful Copy in Just 30 Seconds

♦ Increase the sales power of ANY piece of writing -- emails, sales pages, opt ins

♦ Connect with your readers on a deeper, more personal level

♦ Improvements are immediate and lasting (if you continue to use the tool)

You can read the report in less than 5 minutes...


FREE Software Tool Teaches You How to Write More Powerful Copy in Just 30 Seconds