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A code is a set of beliefs that guide the actions of a person (or group).

I have one.

I call it The Code of MAXIMUM SIMPLE. The central tenet of this code involves trying to simplify any process as much as humanly possible

Whether I'm washing the dishes, writing a blog post or learning to play the pan flute... I don't want to spend any more time than is necessary to get the result I'm after.

It means I usually get more done with less effort.

I find this principle appeals to many people. They're ambitious. They want to achieve things -- like launching a profitable online course. Yet they also want to have time to see friends and watch Netflix.

Maybe you can relate?​

Anywho, the reason I tell you this is because I use The Code of MAXIMUM SIMPLE to shape my advice on launching online courses.

That means, if you adopt my methods, you can build a simple, small and highly profitable online business... using far less effort versus other "course launch" systems... 

So Pete, are you saying I can sit around in my undies and a gravy-stained singlet... do basically nothing... and still build a thriving internet business?

Are you talking about that level of effort?

Hell naww...

In fact, you'll need to commit to a period of intense hard work to get your first online course off the ground.

After you've got the ball rolling you'll be able to coast a little more... and have the time freedom that will allow you to live life on your terms. If you want to do the whole gravy-stained singlet thing at that point... be my guest!

It can't come before the hard work though.

But hey... I explain more about all this in my emails.

So if you're interested in learning about how The Code of MAXIMUM SIMPLE can help you build an online business, sign up to my list HERE (you'll also receive a FREE report on the only 3 tech tools you need to launch an online course too).

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By industry standards my email list is tiny. But with Pete's help my online business had it's first month of $10k+ revenue... beating my old best month by more than double. And I didn't use fancy tech... or anything like that. Just simple old email. I can't recommend Pete highly enough."

Danavir Sarria
The "CopyMonk"

When it comes to helping you grab the attention of your audience, Pete is a true expert. In particular, his campaigns to small lists make crazy profits. He really knows how to make genuine connections and build profitable relationships based on them."

Nathan Collier
Collier Marketing

In a world full of internet marketing hype and gurus, it's incredibly rare to find a craftsman of copy and email marketing like Pete OC. His copy on many occasions has outsold the control by 400% or more."

Sabri Suby
CEO, King Kong

My man Pete OC has become known as "The List Whisperer". He coaxes massive profits from even the smallest of lists. And the numbers don't lie. If you have a list... no matter how small... Pete OC will help you find profits you didn't know were there. Get at him... stat."

Scott Mills
Expert Copywriter 

Pete is an outstanding copywriter and teacher. No matter your experience level, he can help you optimize your copy so your customers CRAVE your product..."

Benji Hyam


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